About us !

We are Heinz and Reinhard and have lived together for 35 years!

We came to Thailand and Koh Samui for the first time in 1998 - and we immediately fell in love with the country and the island.

As early as 2002, we built a small paradise for us - which we expanded into a Bed and Breakfast for guests as "Wonderworld Samui" in 2005.

We both love the beach and the sea and especially the original Thai cuisine and the delicious cocktails.

In 2013 we got still surprisingly "offspring" our small Chihuahua Perry.

For Heinz, it is a "passion" to take care of our guests and do everything they can to make them feel completely at home.

Particularly high value he places on the cleanliness of the rooms and the complete facility!

Heinz speaks German as well as English and a little Thai.

Reinhard is the computer expert with us and is always helpful with all technical questions, whether Internet, computer and also mobile phone, also our website is designed by him!

With us you get not only personal service, but also a small insight into the Thai culture and the Thai cuisine.

With us you will spend a wonderful holiday!