Hin Ta and Hin Yai

Translated in Thai means Hinta Hinyai grandmother / grandfather rocks. The unique rock formation in front of Lamai was shaped by nature and can also detect without imagination, that it is here to female and male genitalia. The legend says that once in search of a wife for his son came a couple killed in a storm. To posthumously to help the wife to her son she immortalized themselves with their genitals - in granite.

Na Mueang Waterfall

This spectacular waterfall over two levels arises from the highlands of the island. Located close to the road first round cascade has a head of about 20 m and a small pool offers refreshment.
A steep side road leads to the upper level, which provides an even more spectacular views.


Wat Khun Aram Temple

Mummified Monk

In Wat Khun Aram one finds the famous mummified monk - "Loung Pordaeng".
The temple holds a secret does not explicable. Sitting here for the past 35 years, the mummified monk Luang Po Daeng, who died in 1973 at the age of 79. He said during his lifetime and his genauenTodestag previously predicted this, that his body will never decay. He was right, seen in a glass case.

Big Buddha - Wat Phra Yai

On a point of land in the northern part of Koh Samui is perched literally the Big Buddha on a 15 meter high giant walk-in socket. The entirely gilded Buddha statue is another 12 meters tall and can already be seen while approaching the airport a kilometer away as Samui's most significant building. The temple to the Big Buddha is one of the largest on Samui. Thais like to leave here, for example, bless their new vehicles - on good luck for the future use. Around the Big Buddha, there are many souvenir shops and several restaurants..

Secret Buddha Garden

Artistic and practical place to get some 10 000 square meters: Along a small creek here immortalized the Ta and brothers Tim with concrete figures, which are a part of their life history and Thai. 41 years were both working here. Although the brothers are now deceased - in their work they live on.

Wat Plai Laem

The temple, which was recently completed, is beautifully decorated and colorfully decorated. It is a very picturesque scene when Bebäude reflect the colorful characters and in the water of the lake surrounding.
Wat Plai Laem is one of the most colorful temple on Koh Samui. The main attraction is a Buddha statue with 18 arms in the middle of the lake.
He is to be fed also famous for the hundreds of large fish enjoy their lives in the lake of the temple and wait (for the fish feed is available at the temple for a small donation of 10 Baht per pack).


Ang Thong Marine Nationalpark
The Ang Thong National Marine Park consists of 42 islands belonging to the Ang Thong archipelago.
It is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 35km west of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, about 40km south of Koh Tao. It belongs to the district Samui / Surat Thani.
Most of these islands have their own beaches, which are in many cases made ​​of fine white sand. Some islands have beautiful shallow-water coral reefs.
The islands themselves are composed of towering limestone cliffs of exceptional beauty similar to that of the Phang Nga Bay in the west of Thailand. Only this National Park is less well known and therefore less overcrowded.
The national park covers an area of 102 km ².

Koh Wuatalab Viewpoint

This is one of the most famous scenic spots in Thailand. The path starts up about a hundred meters to the beach on the left side of the area of the National Park Service. There are 222 meters on one, with a rope secured (caution) to climb way.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and plenty of water should take. For people who run on the difficult terrain in flip-flops are used to is the way, no problem, just barefoot you will come across the last quarter of the way because of the very sharp rocks to its limits.

Koh Mae Koh Inner Lake

Koh Mae Koh is the "Inner Sea", which inspired this, filmed on Koh Phi Phi book, "The Beach". From the beach, a well-developed road with lots of stairs to vantage points on the lake. From the Supreme, one can also see the surrounding lake.

The lake itself covers an area of ​​approximately 250 x 350 meters and 7 meters deep. He is on the same level as the Golf, with which it is connected by an underground tunnel to the east.

The distinctly different color based on the background, which consists of sand.