Law and Rules

Specific customs rules
Import and export of foreign exchange since 26.12.2007 according to Regulation of the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance the following amounts to Thailand to run in and out of Thailand:

Thai Baht (THB)

Indefinitely without declaration.

About 50.000, - THB declaration, except for trips to Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam. Required THB - in these cases, declaring at about 500,000.

U.S. dollar

About 20,000 - U.S. $ declaration

About $ 20,000 is needed before Deklarierung.Vorsicht is currency in circulation counterfeit money. It is recommended to exchange money only at authorized exchange offices.

Piracy / Counterfeit Goods
The purchase of counterfeit goods such as watches, computers, software, clothes, etc., and imports to Germany is banned for copyright reasons.


The export of certain antiquities (such as Buddha statues or images) is only allowed with permission of the Fine Arts Department. The message keeps this regard prepared a leaflet with further information.


The export of certain leather products (eg, elephant, crocodile, snakes) and ivory and imports to other Countrys are subject to CITES. It is strongly advised to inform themselves about before buying.

Specific criminal law provisions
Legal proceedings in Thailand are lengthy. The possibilities of defense are limited and do not meet the other Countrys constitutional ideas. In delinquency long detention, expensive and often inadequate legal representation and hard conditions of detention is drawn to the danger.

Any conviction for a criminal offense (including Bagatelles) in Thailand leads after serving the sentence to deportation and an unlimited re-entry ban.

Acquisition, possession, distribution, import and export of drugs of all kinds (including marijuana, ecstasy and other amphetamines) is expressly warned.

Even the possession of small amounts of drugs leads to heavy sentences (most recent verdict against a Foreigner: a life sentence for 37 grams). Even with relatively small quantities of heroin, cocaine and amphetamines, the Thai criminal law automatically assumes that these are intended for trade. Although the possession of these drugs is also already punishable in trade, however, the Penal Code provides for the death penalty. The death penalty is also enforced in Thailand.

In 2004, six drug dealers were executed, including two foreigners. The Thai government has repeatedly stressed convicted drug dealer to execute quickly and makes their announcements also true. The death penalty is most recently executed by lethal injection.

Child Abuse
The sexual abuse of minors in Thailand will be severely punished and even prosecuted in other Countrys, where the offense was committed in Thailand. Sexual intercourse with a person under 18, even with their consent, is punishable. When in doubt, you should make sure about the age of the partner or the partner, it can be shown by the identity card, but these cards are often fake, especially when their owners are assigned to the prostitute milieu.

Lese majesty

The Thai royal family enjoys special respect. Derogatory or critical comments should be avoided. Treason is punished in Thailand.

Indecent exposure

Nude bathing, swimming without bikini top, and sexual acts are forbidden in public and can be punished.

Even the theft of items of low value will result in disproportionate sentences. Mitigation shall also not be granted if the theft is "compulsive" (kleptomania).

Apart from military objects strictly no photo shots. A certain tact displayed - When photographing people, however - as everywhere.

ID required

Travelers are required to always carry their identity cards with them. May it be done frequently passport controls, particularly in the pleasure quarters of the capital, but also in Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. A copy of your passport is sufficient, provided that the side with the Thai visa or entry stamp is copied and carried. With identity checks in discotheques, bars or massage parlors and urine samples may be taken to test taking illegal drugs.

Restrictions on access to bars and nightclubs

Persons under 20 years, the access to bars, nightclubs and massage parlors generally prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted. For young people under 18 years of a curfew from 22.00 clock applies. Young people who are found after this time without parental guidance in public, threatening the provisional arrest. The term "public" is broadly interpreted by the authorities in addition to restaurants and also includes cinema. Alcohol consumption is forbidden under 18 years in the public and will be punished.