Tourist Informations


Koh Samui

With an area of ​​247 km2, Ko Samui is the third largest island of Thailand. Samui has developed over the last decade one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia.
Samui is located in a protected geographical location in the Gulf of Thailand, surrounded by other dream islands such as Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao, 84 km east of the provincial capital located on the mainland Surat Thani. With its soft, shaded by towering palm trees, sandy beaches, its delicious, freshly caught seafood and vibrant nightlife Samui has a magical combination that enchants every visitor.
While many holiday guests especially enjoy the undisturbed rest in the sunshine on the beach and turquoise water, also for the active holiday offer numerous options:
Scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and paragliding, beach volleyball and motorsports in an open area just to name a few.
One of the scenic highlights of the island is its panoramic road, which offers breathtaking views of the beaches of the northern, eastern and western coasts on a 50 mile round trip. The road passes through sleepy fishing villages and vast coconut groves, passing Samui's most spectacular waterfall, and it crosses many side streets that invite you to a trip to the highlands of the island.
Other attractions in and near the scenic road include a butterfly farm, a snake show, a monkey Center for dressage, as well as a number of wellness spas that pamper your body and mind.
On Samui even the most jaded traveler will find many ways to spend one or two weeks carefree vacation. But who can spend only a few days on the island, should not miss a trip to the emerald islands of the Ang Thong Marine National Park, which offer a unique variant of this tropical paradise again.


Chaweng Beach

The Chaweng Beach on the east coast is Samui's longest and most beautiful beach. Over a length of 6 km, it offers fine, soft sand and crystal clear water. Here you will also find a variety of accommodations - from simple bamboo hut to the 5-star hotel complex. Daytime Chaweng offers numerous activities for water sports, including Surfing and water - and for all the night owls are nightclubs with its pulsating rhythms, a popular meeting place.


Lamai Beach

The is also attractive with its light surf and slightly higher waves for surfers especially on the east coast of the island, just south of Chaweng, Lamai Beach location. Close to the beach there are several wellness spas, where holidaymakers can indulge in a herbal steam bath, a relaxing Thai massage or a mud pack itself.


Maenam, Bophut und Bang Rak Beach

These three beaches of the north coast are ideal for those visitors who wish to withdraw even from the hustle and bustle of the island. Bang Rak is also called "Big Buddha Beach", as a huge Buddha statue stands at its eastern end, which offers an impressive sight especially at sunset.


The Beaches of the South- and West Coast

The beaches on Samui's south and west coasts are still a bit more remote than the northern coast. Although they are not connected to the ring road of the island, they are easily accessible to any interested visitors. Laem Set is located in the south, where, although the sea is too shallow for swimming, however, with the towering, smooth rock formations and very obliquely growing coconut palms offers a unique panorama. The Taling Ngam Bay in the southwest of the island although they have not quite so perfect dream like Chaweng beach, but their elongated, often deserted sandy beach is the perfect place for long walks on the beach.
At the northern end of the bay on a hilltop luxurious Ban Taling Ngam Resort has several swimming pools and luxury bungalows with a fantastic view of the beach.



Thanks to the crystal-clear water and its rich and diverse underwater world Samui is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, especially divers. About a dozen dive centers are located on the island and offer dive trips for both beginners as well as advanced courses.
(Hotels can assist their guests in the selection and booking.) All those diving is a great challenge to the snorkeling is a tempting alternative. Simply book an excursion to the nearby coral reefs, put on a mask, snorkel and flippers and marvel at the fish in their endless variety, as you glide effortlessly through the colorful reefs.
Would you stay with the head above water rather then kayak could be driving your new favorite sport. Once you have learned to control these small, lightweight boats, the shore so you can calmly explore on your own. Should you require a little more excitement, then let yourself while you are surfing, water skiing or paragliding a tropical breeze to blow your nose .. In the evening you can play on the beach here particularly popular beach volleyball or even want to try a Thai game of skill "Takro". Takro is a kind of "foot volleyball", played with a small, braided plastic or Rattanfasern ball If you fancy a journey of discovery into the interior of the island, rent a jeep and try your hand at off-road driving on small paths lead to higher ground inland.



At Chaweng Beach there are numerous swimwear shops and tailors who can make a dress or a suit to their individual requirements, from colorful carvings of soap to chopsticks and coasters that are made ​​from the wood of indigenous coconut trees. Several galleries offer reproductions of famous works of art at very reasonable prices.


Ang Thong Marine-Nationalpark

This located about 35 km west of Samui archipelago comprising 42 islands is the epitome of a tropical paradise par excellence - with huge, covered by pristine rainforest limestone cliffs that rise above the aquamarine water. The archipelago is within easy reach of Ko Samui for a day trip. Directly through the
Points of park management viewpoint on Ko Wua Talap opened a wonderful view of the uninhabited islands with their original character.
Organised tours of the park include around visiting a secluded idyllic lagoon on Ko Mae Ko, as well as the opportunity for a kayak trip around the unusual limestone formations in general.


Ko Phangan

Just a short boat ride away, 20 km north of Ko Samui, Ko Phangan is the mountain with a number of tucked-away beaches, which represent true oasis of relaxation. Thong Sala, the only real town on the island, has a bank, a post office and a grocery store and a few shops for beach gear and souvenirs. Although the rough roads of the island of Flatbed and motorcycles can be driven, many of its beautiful beaches are accessible only by boat. The most famous beach of the island is Hat I'm in the southeast, where the world famous Full Moon Party takes place, attracting thousands of visitors every month, to dance the night away on the beach. The picturesque beach of the island is located northeast twin bay of Thong Nai Pan, where you can swim and snorkel wonderful and beyond is also the most comfortable accommodations. Just south of Thong Nai Pan is Than Sadek, the most impressive waterfall in the island and once one of the favorite places of Thailand's King Chulalongkorn.


Koh Tao

"Tao" means "turtle" - according to the shape of the island was named because, seen from the Gulf of Thailand from, reminiscent of one. Ko Tao is less than Samui and Pha Ngan is something 40 km northwest of Ko Pha Ngan, and is also easily accessible from the city situated on the mainland of Chumphon. The island is popular with divers and enjoys the reputation as one of the most spectacular dive sites around the Thai Gulf. Several dive centers in Mae Hat, the only town on the island, dive trips for beginners and advanced offer. Ko Tao has a number of quiet, idyllic beaches, such as Sai Ri, the longest beach on the east coast, or has Chalok Ban Koa and Hat Sai Daeng in the south. A unique geological phenomenon can be admired in Nang Yuan, a small group of islands just off the north west coast: Here the islands with impressive sandy beaches are interconnected - and thus invite two sides beach for a swim.